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General Contact Info:
Tom Perry |

Danville, CA

Team Categories:
National | State | Regional HS | Regional Youth

Graduation Years

9th-12th (2026, 2025, 2024 & 2023)

7th-8th (2027 & 2028)

5th-6th (2029 & 2030)

3rd-4th (2031 & 2032)

1st-2nd (2033 & 2034)

National Teams

The True National Girls Team is a platform for the highest skilled True Lacrosse players to come together to develop, compete and get recruited. The program participates in the most competitive tournaments throughout the year under the tutelage of the top True directors and coaches. To compete in our national program one must be a True member. Year after year, True National sends players to more prestigious lacrosse institutions in the country.

State Teams

The State Team program is designed to get players to the next competitive level by playing teams in the country’s most competitive tournaments. Those players who are selected for the State Team will play with intensity unmatched by any other lacrosse club and be coached by the best coaches in California.

Regional Teams

True California Girls Regional Teams are for those individuals who are serious about improving their skills and playing lacrosse in college. 75% of Regional team players go on to play college lacrosse. They compete in high level recruiting event across the midwest. True Regional players receive consistent individualized evaluations to foster their development and growth.

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Youth Teams

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